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From waste to world sustainability.

We provide a matchless process incorporating unparalleled environmental benefits, producing answers to some of the ecosystem’s most pressing problems.

For every 10,000 people

Enviroclean’s signature process helps remove 100 tons of methane gas from landfills annually

A nutrient-dense, super quality compost.

  • High in phosphorous and nitrogen
  • Contains nutrients & micronutrients, beneficial molds and critical bacteria for soil enhancement
  • Organic Farming Approved
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Answers to some of the
planet's biggest problems

Food and green waste in landfills is arguably the most damaging to the environment, accounting for 20% of manmade greenhouse gasses and 22% of all landfill mass*. The benefits of Enviroclean go beyond the field.

*Ref: EPA 2018

earth with fumes

Reduced greenhouse gasses

rain and ocean

Protects rivers, drainage and ground water from pollution

land with fumes

Reduces the majority noxious
waste from landfills

Approximately 72% of the waste currently being directed towards landfills or incinerated consists of materials that could be put to a higher and better use through recycling or composting.

80706050403020100Available Organic Matter %PKNMgCaSEnviroclean Compost Compared to Cattle Manure Compost Available Lbs/TonManure (Cattle)*

Maximize crop yields, minimize environmental impact.

Our blend provides nutrients, micronutrients, beneficial molds and critical bacteria for soil enhancement. Its process allows customization of nutrient values to match your crop’s unique needs.

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