Elevation of the composting process to an unprecedented level of speed, control of process, and nutrient enhancement to produce a quality organically certified compost.

Enviroclean uses continuous aerobic composting technology to re-purpose putrescible organic waste into a previously unavailable nutrient-dense compost.

High in critical crop nutrients

Customizable to suit your crops specific needs

Contributes to balance farmCO² emissions

Field broadcast and lawn application
Garden tillage
Air drill and seeder application
80706050403020100Available Organic Matter %PKNMgCaSManure (Cattle)*Enviroclean Compost Compared to Cattle Manure Compost Available Lbs/Ton

Enriched compost for higher yields.

Our compost is blended to achieve a uniform product. Customization of given nutrient values is available to increase crop productivity for the unique soil challenges on each individual farm.

Trial strip of barley at anorganic farm in Saskatchewan

The proof is in the plot

Results from yield meter showed a potential of 30-45% increase in production. Further and more controlled tests are set for summer/fall of 2020.

Made in Manitoba

Our research facility is located right here in Morden, Manitoba. A small physical area processing large amounts of product every day.

Small town made, world sustainable.

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